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 Envision Portland: 

 Trends & Analytics. 

The culmination of many hours of data extraction, validation, analysis, and visualization

Our Mission.

During the course of this project, our goal is to better understand housing production in Portland, Oregon over the last twenty years. Through our analysis and our modeling, we will illuminate ongoing trends in Portland’s housing production and evaluate its influence on the environment. In addition, we will not obfuscate; we will present our findings inclusively, in a manner that is accessible to Portland constituents, developers, and policymakers.

Our Mission.

Our Tools., a powerful spatial-temporal modeling and analysis tool created by Uber.

Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet editing software for data curation and analysis. 

R, a language and system for statistical computing and data science.

STATA, a statistical software that enables users to analyze and visualize data. 

Chart Studio, a cloud-based interactive chart software created by Plotly.

Our Tools.
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