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  • Our nation relies upon the private sector to provide most of our new housing.  A little over 1 million new homes are created annually according to the US Census Bureau.  

  • The Federal government, via the Internal Revenue Service, as administered by the Housing & Urban Development Department’s “LIHTC” program is the primary tool for the small amount of housing production investment by the public sector (usually less than 10% of the total production,) but even this is delivered by private sector action.  

  • The State of Oregon has one major metro area of ~ 2.5m persons, about half of the State’s population.  Within this area, there are just under 1m households and just over 1m homes according to the US Census Bureau.

  • The State of Oregon has been producing less and less housing; the State’s Office of Economic Analysis reports it is the lowest per-capita production (how many new homes relative to how many households exist) since World War II.

  • As household preferences have shifted towards urban locations, the City of Portland has increasingly produced the majority of the new housing.


Portland's Portion of Tri County Metro M
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